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Notice of Website Disablement

On May 23rd, the State of Vermont enacted Act 143, which overhauled the Open Meeting Law. Part of this legislation, which goes into effect July 1, 2014, establishes new requirements that include tight time frames for the posting of town committee and board agendas and minutes to a town's official website, if one exists. Towns that cannot commit to these publishing deadlines are required to disable their websites and to not have an official website at all.

The Town of Bolton supports the concepts of open meetings and has long published agendas and minutes to our website as quickly as possible, considering the volunteer nature of our boards and committees. While the Town hopes to eventually be able to meet the new obligations, the time provided by the state to ensure that we have systems in place and every committee prepared to consistently meet these timelines is far too short for us to be able to state with confidence that we can meet these new web publishing deadlines.

The State has allowed towns one year in which to meet the web publishing requirements, but there is confusion over other important aspects of the requirement. Therefore, until we can obtain clarification on all of the ramifications of not being fully compliant with this legislative change, Bolton feels the most responsible action is to disable our website until this can be sorted out.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this action is likely to cause many residents and others. You may still obtain agendas and minutes of town governance meetings at the Town Office during working hours. We hope to have the website back up as soon as we can confirm that we can meet all state mandates.



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